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The First Virtual Weight Loss Centre

SLIM+ is the first virtual weight loss centre in the world by EUROMEDICA GROUP, a well-known medical aesthetics group since 2006.

SLIM+ proudly presents a personalized and comprehensive approach to weight loss. Our solution combines virtual medical and lifestyle consultations by our medical professional team of doctors and diet coaches, along with a diet-catering service curated by our expert chefs and formulated by our certified nutritionists.

SLIM+ is here to make our clients' health journey effective and convenient with our diet meal plans, one-on-one doctor consultation, and diet coach supervision.

With SLIM+, our clients' weight loss journey will be guided and accompanied by a Personalized Diet Coach (PDC) until they reach the desired goals!

Vision & Mission

Our vision

  • To provide both access to a qualified medical team and healthy convenience service right to our clients through a virtual doctor consultation.
  • To make our clients' weight loss journey easier, more effective, and enjoyable with personalized diet coach supervision and monitoring.

Our mission

  • To spread a holistic approach in health and wellness so our clients can have a healthier life and achieve their health goals.
  • To be the perfect partner in our clients' journey for a healthier life by providing virtual medical and lifestyle consultations.
  • We are here to make our clients' journey effective and convenient with great-tasting and hassle-free meals.


Everyone is unique and so are their dietary needs.
Our doctor will tailor our clients’ weight loss journey and create the perfect dietary plan to achieve their personal goals.


Our personalized diet coach is a certified nutritionist who will assist our clients diet journey.
Personal coaching is proven to help clients' lose weight 3X more effective than dieting on their own!


Our meal plans went through extensive studies and clinical testing to promote a healthy weight loss.
They have been proven effective and are highly recommended by our credible doctors and nutritionists.


We believe in holistic nutrition for optimum health and well-being.
We only use fresh and high-quality ingredients to provide nutritious and tasty meals.


From food sourcing to meal delivery, SLIM+ adheres to the highest food safety standards.
We utilize the most stringent sanitation procedures available so that our clients can be confident the meals are clean and safe to eat.


Every meal is crafted by professional, 5-star hotel chefs with more than 10 years of culinary experience to achieve the ultimate taste standard.
Our chefs engage in and supervise the kitchen operations to ensure the quality of our meals.


To keep them on track, our clients will be able to monitor their own progress with our mobile app.
Our personalized diet coach will assist the clients to make sure they achieve their goals.


We seal our meals using a thermoforming technology to maintain and ensure the highest quality of the food.
Our packaging is certified to be safe for freezing and reheating.


To support our clients’ weight loss progress, our doctors may prescribe additional products designed to control the appetite, burn excess body fat, boost metabolism, and detox the gut.

What You’ll Get:

  • One-on-one doctor consultation.
  • Personalized Diet Coach (PDC) monitoring and supervision up to 8X*
  • Portion-controlled meals, designed by our medical team to suit our clients’ needs.
  • Real food. Real result.
  • No-hassle clean eating with meal variety.
  • Delicious healthy meals, packed with nutrition.

What You can Expect:

  • Look and feel good.
  • A healthy lifestyle and improved overall health.
  • Improved metabolism.
  • Better energy level.
  • Controlled cravings, curbed appetite.
  • Weight loss up to 10 kg in 4 weeks*.

Advisory Board

SLIM+’s Advisory Board is a team of experienced doctors, nutritionists, and all-around experts who will personalize a diet plan that is suitable for our clients’ needs.
From innovative new healthy meal products and comprehensive diet plans for consumers, the board’s unique blend of incredible insight and guidance are taking our clients’ diet journey to a whole new level.

  • Clarissa S. Paimanta, RDN (Registered Dietitian, UC Berkeley Graduate – California, USA)
  • dr. Putri Adimukti, M. Kes., M. Farm., Sp.GK.
  • Matthew Blaylock, BS, PhD, MP NLP, ACMC. (Nutrition Scientist)
  • dr. Judith Faustina (Aesthetic Doctor & Nutrition Advisor)
  • Thiago Eduardo (Founder of The Fitness Transition, Strength and Conditioning Coach)

SLIM+ Location

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