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Your All-in-ONE Package from SLIM+ - SLIM+ CENTRE

Your All-in-ONE Package from SLIM+

Starting a healthy lifestyle or following a workout program can feel intimidating. We often fail dieting on our own because of many different reasons. Sometimes our day gets too busy with work or school and we lose motivation to commit to a workout or to cook healthy food.

Other times, motivation may not even be the problem. Some people get to the gym or get on their yoga mats, but not know what workouts to do or how to do them safely. Or maybe you get to the kitchen and not know what to cook to help you eat healthy.

SLIM+ has the solution for you.

Introducing our Comprehensive Package that covers all your needs for a healthy lifestyle -- your All-in-ONE package that suits you.

As The First Virtual Weight Loss Centre by EUROMEDICA GROUP, SLIM+ proudly presents our most innovative Comprehensive Package in collaboration with Fitness Transition, an online workout program. This program is designed with a goal of improving your health and make your weight loss journey more effective and sustainable.

SLIM+ ensures your diet plan is personalized to your nutritional needs with the supervision from SLIM+ Doctors, monitoring from our Personalized Diet Coach ( PDC ) for up to 8 times, along with restaurant-quality meals curated by our professional chefs. Now, with the SLIM+ Comprehensive Package, even your fitness journey can be guided online.

Be the first to try SLIM+ Comprehensive Program by EUROMEDICA GROUP for better health and fitness. Make your diet more healthy, tasty & hassle-free.

- Cita Citata
I really enjoye the food and the guidance from the doctor and diet coach. I feel very supported by SLIM+



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