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A Possible Weight Loss Journey 9 kg just in 3 Weeks - SLIM+ CENTRE

A Possible Weight Loss Journey 9 kg just in 3 Weeks

SLIM+ proudly presents promising result and notable achievement in our regular clients’ diet journey. From the start, SLIM+ is dedicated to bringing you The First Virtual Weight Loss Centre to help you experience real results and achieve your Body Goals.

Our clients’ Weight Loss Journey begins with a doctor consultation to assess their health needs and conditions. Our doctor then personalizes their diet journeys and ensure an effective, safe, and healthy approach to weight loss. Doctor involvement is important to help our clients maintain good metabolism and optimum energy level while achieving a successful weight loss.

Client result is our priority, so SLIM+ offers the perfect partner for our clients by introducing our Personalized Diet Coach, or often called PDC for short. As the name suggests, our PDC personalizes our clients’ meal plans according to their unique needs and goals. All throughout their diet journey, our clients will feel supported with our PDC’s supervision and monitoring.

In just 3 weeks, our clients have shown amazing progress with up to 9 kilograms of weight loss! They were able to achieve their body goals thanks to their great commitment and hard work in following the SLIM+ diet program with the Power Slim Package along with all recommendations provided by SLIM+ doctor and PDC.

You too can achieve your body goals! Maximize your weight loss with the SLIM+ Power Slim Package, which includes:

  • 1x Doctor Consultation, 1x Diet Coaching & 1 Box (10 Meals) for 5 days
  • 1x Doctor Consultation, 4x Diet Coaching & 2 Boxes (20 Meals) for 10 days
  • 2x Doctor Consultations, 8x Diet Coaching & 4 Boxes (40 Meals) for 20 days

Healthy Diet Programs are meant to be a lifelong journey, involving a healthy eating pattern and lifestyle change. A healthy diet should not produce a yoyo effect, which is when a fast and drastic weight loss is followed by a weight that returns or even exceeds the original weight. Extreme weight fluctuations is detrimental to your metabolism and your health. This is why we recommend consulting with our doctor and PDC. Dieting with SLIM+ prioritizes your health and overall well-being.

Most importantly, diet should be easy and fun. With SLIM+, you don’t need to worry about meal planning, food shopping, or cooking. You can have your meals in less than 10 minutes!

Still deciding on a healthy diet program with many added value and support for optimal result? SLIM+ is the only Solution

- Prilly Latuconsina / Artist
Thanks to SLIM+ doctor and personalized diet coach for guiding me through my weight loss journey. I feel supported with them constantly by my side.



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