The First Virtual Weight Loss Centre

SLIM+ is the first virtual weight loss centre in the world by EUROMEDICA GROUP, a well-known medical aesthetics group since 2006.

SLIM+ proudly presents a personalized and comprehensive approach to weight loss. Our solution combines virtual medical and lifestyle consultations by our medical professional team of doctors and diet coaches, along with a diet-catering service curated by our expert chefs and formulated by our certified nutritionists.

SLIM+ is here to make our clients’ health journey effective and convenient with our diet meal plans, one-on-one doctor consultation, and diet coach supervision.

With SLIM+, our clients’ weight loss journey will be guided and accompanied by a Personalized Diet Coach (PDC) until they reach the desired goals!

Free Consultation With Personalized Diet Coach (PDC)

Our diet coach will ensure our clints to reach their desired goals by supervising and monitoring their progress and keeping them on track. Personal diet coaching is proven to help our clients lose weight 3X more effective than dieting on their own.

One-On-One Doctor Consultation

Everyone is unique and so are their dietary needs. Our doctor will tailor our clients’ weight loss journey and create the perfect dietary plan to achieve their personal goals.

Personalized Diet Coach (PDC)

Our personalized diet coach is a certified nutritionist who will assist our clients’ diet journey. Personal coaching is proven to help clients lose weight 3X more effective than dieting on their own!

Clinically Proven Diet Plans

Our meal plans went through extensive studies and clinical testing to promote a healthy weight loss. They have been proven effective and are highly recommended by our credible doctors and nutritionists.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Diet Meal Plans


Not sure which meal plan works best for you? Purchase a 3-day trial package and receive a total of six delicious meals, complete with consultation sessions with both our doctor and our diet coach!

  • Calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced with moderate carbs, low fat and sodium.
  • Heart-healthy. Very low carbs, fat, and sodium.
  • The perfect plan to maintain your weight.
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Meals Only Package

A diet plan designed to help our clients lose weight, maintain their health and control their blood sugar naturally.

  • The perfect plan for weight management.
  • Calorie-controlled and nutritionally balancedwith low carbs, fat, and sodium-heart healthy!.
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